High-impact supplement with two irons to maximize dose and minimize side-effects

Niferex® tablets are at the top because of enhanced tolerability and optimal absorption:

  • 50 mg of Sumalate® (ferrous asparto glycinate)
    • chelated ferrous iron complex1
    • High bioavailability of Sumalate® is the engine of the formulation to deliver maximal iron uptake possible from supplemental iron2-5,6,7
    • About 3x more bioavailable than ferrous sulfate3-5
  • 100 mg of polysaccharide iron complex – highly tolerable iron form
    • Bioavailable ferric iron complex with a demonstrated safety and tolerance profile, making it an ideal candidate for a high payload iron supplement10
  • Two iron forms offer complimentary absorption to ensure maximal daily iron intake possible from an iron supplement8,10

150-200 mg of elemental iron prescribed for daily intake is a common approach for treating iron deficiency in adults9

Give your body the iron it needs. Get the most from Niferex®