Give your body the iron it needs

How Niferex® may help you reach your peak iron absorption?

The two iron sources in Niferex® are key. Niferex® contains 50 mg of Sumalate® (ferrous asparto glycinate) and 100mg of polysaccharide iron complex. Sumalate® has a 40% absorption rate, which means of the 50 mg taken, 20 mg of iron get absorbed.6 Polysaccharide iron complex has a 14% absorption rate, which means that 14 mg of the 100 mg taken will be absorbed.7 Together this makes 34 mg of total iron absorbed. As the maximum amount of iron able to be absorbed daily is between 30-40 mg, Niferex® is designed for maximum iron dosing at 34 mg.

Sumalate® and polysaccharide iron complex (PIC) work together in the small intestine to ensure maximum iron absorption.

  • PIC is best absorbed in an environment of a pH less than three, which includes the proximal duodenum of the small intestine.4,7
  • Sumalate®, which is not as pH dependent, can be absorbed in both the proximal and distal duodenum. Sumalate® is also less interrupted by food inhibitors because it is chelated.2-5 Chelated metals have less available electrons to participate in chemical reactions. This make them less susceptible to be involved in reactions with absorption inhibitors often found in food. The amino acids glycine and aspartic acid found in Sumalate® are the most absorbable amino acids and aid in iron absorption into enterocytes.1

With these two irons working in tandem, Niferex® helps patients with iron deficiency reach peak daily iron absorption.



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